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3 Years In The Making: OpenShot 2.0 Finally Hits Beta

A new beta of the popular open source video editor OpenShot is available for testing.

11 January 2016

Pitivi Video Editor Launches €100k Fundraising Campaign

The development team behind open-source video editor Pitivi are seeking €100,000 to turn it into a 'flexible, high-end' application.

23 February 2014

Lightworks for Linux Public Beta Available for Download

A public beta of Lightworks, the professional-grade video editor from Editshare, is now officially available for download.

30 April 2013
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Linux Video Editor ‘Openshot’ Updates With More Blender Effects

OpenShot video editor has premiered its 1.4.3 release - which debuts a number of new features.

1 October 2012

Oscar-Winning Video Editor Demoed on Ubuntu

Professional video editor Lightworks – used to edit many Oscar-winning films and documentaries – is one step closer to its Linux release. Visitors to this months NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Show 2012 earlier this […]

24 April 2012
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Video Editor Lightworks Still Linux Bound – But Don’t Expect It Soon

The Linux port of professional-grade video editor Lightworks is still 'on its way' according to an Editshare spokesperson - but is still not ready for general beta release. The assurance follows repeated failures to launch a beta version of the application on given dates - the first in Autumn of 2010; the latter in December of 2011.

16 February 2012
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OpenShot 1.3.0 gets fancy upgrades

OpenShot developers have been hard at work since November cooking up improvements & upgrades for this already awesome video editor.

21 January 2011
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dmedia 0.2 ‘Feature Frenzy’ sees the light of the day

The 0.2 version of dmedia (codnamed 'Feature Frenzy'), the storage component of Novacut Video Editor, has been released right according to the schedule. Geeky bits follow with a sneak peek of the first iteration of the UI.

30 December 2010
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Oscar winning video editor ‘Lightworks’ not coming to Linux until ‘late 2011’

Lightworks - the recently open-sourced professional grade video editor - is still on course to come to Linux - but not until next year.

9 November 2010
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Linux video editor PiTiVi sees new release, brings fixes galore

Ubuntu’s default video editor PiTiVi 0.13.5 has been released today, just in time for inclusion in Ubuntu 10.10. With the new version addressing stability and usability issues rather than adding ‘flashing new features’ the release […]

22 September 2010
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KdenLive 0.7.8 Released – new features, fixes [PPA]

The latest version of KDE's premier video editing application 'Kdenlive' has washed ashore - but what's new? Lots. Continue reading to see more.

15 September 2010
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Kazam – making screencasting tools modern

One thing I love particularly about the Open Source community is the desire to continually improve ever aspect of the desktop – from icons to apps. This isn’t driven by the desire to increase profits (an incentive […]

29 June 2010