The Linux port of professional-grade video editor Lightworks is still ‘on its way’ according to Editshare, the company behind the app.

The assurance follows repeated failures to launch a beta version of the application on given dates – the first in Autumn of 2010; the latter in December of 2011.

Responding to a user query on the status of the Linux port, an Editshare representative replied with the following statement:

“It’s on it’s way! There’s a lot of work that has to be done before it’s handed over to external developers. This work is being done, and we’re adding development resources. We have three platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux) to prepare, so it’s a big task; but progress is good. We’ll make an announcement as soon as there’s something substantive to say.”

The statement echos that made late last year in which Editshare’s Matt Sandford excused the delays as a result of the company not being ‘…fully satisfied with the stability of this version with its many new features’.

Kings Speech

Ever since Editshare open-sourced the Oscar winning editor there has been a palpable sense of excitement from creatives in the Linux community as to the possibilities the tool will provide on the platform. And for good reason – some notable films edited using the software include ‘The King’s Speech‘ and ‘Hugo‘.

And having that calibre of software on the Linux desktop – for free – is worth being excited about.


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