Pitivi Video Editor
Pitivi’s latest release in action

Linux video editor Pitivi is looking to raise €100,000 in a new fundraising campaign. 

The development team behind the open-source, GStreamer-based editor want to turn Pitivi into a ‘flexible, high-end’ application that is able to meet the needs of professional and hobbyist video editors alike.

“[We will] build upon our current solid foundations to unleash PiTiVi’s full potential.”


Money raised through the crowd-funding initiative, which is being run in participation with the non-profit GNOME Foundation rather than an established platform like Kickstarter, will be used to improve the feature set and performance of the app, as well as potentially port it to new platforms.

Phases & Priorities

A detailed roadmap explaining plans for money raised is listed on the project’s website and is divided into two distinct phases:

The first phase — requiring €35,000 — will focus on stabilising the app to get it up to scratch for a version 1.0 release. The second, more ambitious phase is concerned with adding specific ‘long awaited features’.

Each of these features listed in second phase have an estimated cost attached. For example, adding a magnetic timeline feature will cost approximately €1,925; interfaces for multi-cam editing €4,400; while porting the app to run on Mac OS X will take up €4,766.

Those backing the Pitivi fundraiser will be given the opportunity to vote on which features are worked on first.


By eschewing the traditional crowdfunding platforms Pitivi’s developers will be able to use more of the money pledged to improve the app. Though they state that around 7% will be taken by the GNOME Foundation to cover admin expenses, this is less than the 10-13% slice other crowdfunding sites will have taken.

Anyone looking to pledge to the campaign can do so through the official website, linked to below. A number of perks are available at various price points, including the obligatory ‘name on a website’.

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