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Quickly Switch Between Different Lists of Pinned Apps on the Unity Launcher

This indicator applet lets you switch between different sets of pinned apps on the Unity launcher with a quick click. Ideal for those with cluttered Ubuntu desktops.

26 August 2016
unity firefox launcher integration

Make Firefox Show Download Progress on the Unity Launcher

If you want to see Firefox download progress on the Unity Launcher then click in. We look at a new Firefox add-on that offers this sweet Unity integration.

1 August 2016

Should Unity Bring Back ‘Minimize on Click’ Feature?

Of all the contentious UI changes to feature in Unity – from auto-hiding menus and immovable launcher position – one stirs up more passion than any other: the inability to minimise applications by clicking on an app icon.

4 February 2014

Save, Access And Quickly Paste Text Snippets With This Nifty Unity Launcher Tool

Repeatedly typing out certain information - like verbose terminal commands - can be a chore. Thankfully there are tools out there to help.

31 October 2013

Ubuntu Touch-Style Launcher Icons for the Ubuntu Desktop

Aiming to bridge the design divide between desktop and phone, DeviantArt user Aerilius has created a set of replacement launcher assets (tile shapes, etc) that adds some of the phone's swish stylings to the stale look of the desktop.

10 March 2013

[How-to] Install the 13.04 Unity Launcher Design Updates

Along with the recently covered design changes heading (tentatively) to Ubuntu 13.04, came some changes to the Unity launcher. Now, if you're one of these folks who can't wait to get the latest thing I've created a simple little hack for you.

21 November 2012

[How To] Add OMG! Ubuntu! to the Unity Launcher

Avid users of OMG! Ubuntu! can now help manage their addiction by adding a nifty OMG! Ubuntu! item to the Unity launcher. Okay, so it's nothing more than a glorified bookmark in Unity clothing, but it does give you super quick access to various OMG! Ubuntu! sections. In fact all you have to do is press Super (a.k.a. the Win key), type OMG! and start OMG! Ubuntu! to open the homepage in your default browser.

10 July 2012
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[How To] Change Unity-2D Launcher Color and Opacity

The pace of development on Ubuntu’s Unity interface sees ever-more options added to it, much to the delight of tweakers everywhere. But for Unity-2D, the lighter and less resource intensive version of Unity, customisation options […]

11 February 2012
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[How To] Make Unity’s Launcher GNOME-Shell Friendly

The expression ‘Have your cake and eat it‘ springs to mind when looking at the following GNOME-Shell tweak put together by Tobias Mann. ‘Unitary GNOME’ lets you run a modified version of the Unity 2D […]

15 January 2012

[How To] Customise Unity like Never Before

Ubuntu 11.10 bring a lot of nifty changes in Unity featuring - chameleon theming, active blur, ability to change launcher opacity, relocation of the Ubuntu button from the panel to the launcher, and so on. These new features have opened up the door for a lot more customisation in Unity than many think possible. Read on for a guide on radically changing the look of Unity in Ubuntu 11.10...

4 December 2011