Avid users of OMG! Ubuntu! can now help manage their addiction by adding a nifty OMG! Ubuntu! item to the Unity launcher. 

Okay, so it’s nothing more than a glorified bookmark in Unity clothing, but it does give you super quick access to various OMG! Ubuntu! sections. In fact all you have to do is press Super (a.k.a. the Win key), type OMG! and start OMG! Ubuntu! to open the homepage in your default browser.

Those of you who prefer to click and want more features you can pin the icon to the launcher.

Right clicking on it will reveal a handy quicklists from which you can directly start categories from our site.

For the vast majority of readers this item will seem like overkill – and we’re in agreement with you. But we also know that some of you might be like us, lazy. And this may help some speed up getting to us for a few of you.

Dream Features

Although the current version of the item doesn’t really do much (it is, as we keep saying, a glorified bookmark) we can day dream about other ways OMG! Ubuntu! could integrate with the Ubuntu desktop.

For example, were the design aims of the unity Launcher less defined, the item could do this:

Even better would be an OMG! Ubuntu! Unity lens – that would kick some serious internet winning buttocks. Scaling back ambition, even something as simple as an indicator with notification bubbles would (likely) be a a neat solution.

But with LightRead now readily available – who needs sole-site RSS alerts anyway? ;)


To get the OMG! Ubuntu! unity item you’ll need to add the OMG! Ubuntu! PPA.

We don’t keep anything strange in our PPA (mainly theme and utilities now available elsewhere), so you can add it free from fear of upgrading half of your system to unstable beta builds of core system apps.

Add and installing is a piece of cake:

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kokoto-java/omgubuntu-stuff
  • sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install omgubuntu-unity
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