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Oodle, That Icon Looks Familiar…

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

We love keeping an eye on Ubuntu in public – especially when n when it’s not an intentional nod.

Oodle, an online listings site for ‘buying, selling, and lending among one’s community’, powers the ‘Facebook Marketplace’ (amongst others). It centrel around the idea of making classifieds personal, the theory being that you’re more likely to trust a seller with a drunken profile picture than a faceless nobody in traditional listings.

To this end the site lets you create “circles” based on specific interests or people. When creating a new “Circle” via any Oodle powered site (such as Facebook) you’re presented with the following pop-up.

Unlike theĀ interpretive Windows 8 share button, the choice of image to represent ‘circle’ is not only like the Ubuntu logo, it is the Ubuntu logo (albeit the old one).

I’m guessing the designers at Oodle stretched their creative to the limit of, er, googling ‘Circle of Friends logo‘.

Spotted by Felix Shi