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Which video player should Ubuntu MATE 17.10 ship by default?

That’s precisely the question posed to users of the distro by its project lead Martin Wimpress, He’s launched a poll over on Google+ (because apparently people still use it) asking users to help him decide which media player should ship out of the box.

Right now Ubuntu MATE ships with VLC by default.

Yup, it seems regular Ubuntu isn’t the only one crowdsourcing opinions on its default application lineup.

The following three video players are the choices on offer in the poll:

  • Totem (aka ‘GNOME Videos’)
  • VLC

Three dependable, decent clients, all with their own unique strengths, I’m sure you’ll agree. GNOME MPV is lightweight; Totem has some nice plugins; VLC is …Well, it’s bleedin’ VLC!

Wondering why SMPlayer isn’t part of the vote? So were a few of Martin’s Google+ followers, to which he remarks to request for its inclusion: “SMPlayer fell out of the ugly tree and hit all the branches on the way down. No.”

To cast your vote you can head on over to Google+, though you may be required to join the Ubuntu MATE Google+ community in order to be able to vote.

Ubuntu MATE Community Poll on Google+


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