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What’s that on the horizon? Why it’s a new release!

Hatching out alongside Ubuntu 17.04 downloads are images for the rest of the Ubuntu flavors.

In post we’ll take look at what’s new in a handful of the flavours, share a few choice screenshots, and give you all the download links you need.

As with regular Ubuntu we recommend that you download using the official torrents. This helps to save the community bandwidth and enables you (and others) get the release you want a little bit quicker.

Ubuntu GNOME 17.04

gnome shell desktop

In light of recent news there are more eyeballs on Ubuntu GNOME than usual, so it’s a good thing that it’s arrived with its A-game in tow.

Thanks to the inclusion of the very latest GNOME desktop, GNOME 3.24, Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 features a stack of, well, features, including Night Light. 

GNOME Night Light is an optional feature that automatically reduces the blue light emitted by your computer to help you sleep better at night; and you’ll find the new GNOME Recipes app available to install from GNOME Software.

Flatpak 0.8 is installed by default, as is the chrome-gnome-shell tool required to install & manage GNOME Extensions using Chrome and Firefox.

Download Ubuntu GNOME 17.04

Ubuntu Budgie 17.04

Cheep a hello to the first official release of Ubuntu Budgie, the latest official Ubuntu community flavor.

The very latest version of the Budgie desktop is included here. This offers users an intuitive desktop shell built atop GNOME technologies. It has a unique features of its own of course, like the Raven sidebar, and some seriously cool panel applets.

Like Ubuntu MATE (see below) Ubuntu Budgie includes a welcome screen. This offers links, tips and more information about the distribution. It also has details on how to enable a backports repository.

For more details check out the official release notes, or hit the button below to download a copy for yourself.

Download Ubuntu Budgie 17.04

Ubuntu MATE 17.04

ubuntu MATE 17.04 desktop screenshot

Ubuntu MATE ships with all the core benefits of the new Ubuntu base, but throws the all-new MATE Desktop 1.18 release atop it.

Mate 1.18 is a significant upgrade to the desktop, and brings in new versions of the Caja file manager, a new dark GTK theme (called MATE Dark) and some additional panel layouts.

The lock screen now loads a users’ selected background, while MATE desktop notifications now support  ‘action buttons’, e.g., media controls on track change alerts.

Download Ubuntu MATE 17.04

Other flavours

New versions of lightweight Lubuntu, exceptional Xubuntu, and classy Ubuntu Kylin are also available. These release are compromised mainly of bug fixes and core app and system updates rather than screenshot-able new features, though the latter of these does include the UKUI desktop.

Kubuntu 17.04 has a more notable changelog. The flavour ships with Plasma 5.9 by default. This is jam-packed update to the popular KDE desktop, and brings (among plenty else) global menu support, notification previews, and neater scrollbars.

You can more information and download links for this distributions via the Ubuntu wiki.

Which flavor will you be download/using?

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