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Ubuntu's new installer

First Look: Ubuntu Shares Designs for Its New Desktop Installer

Designs for the new Ubuntu installer have been shared by the Canonical design team, giving us our first look at what's in store for the set-up element.

9 March 2021
New Ubuntu Installer

First Look: Ubuntu is Working on a Brand New Installer

A new installer is coming to Ubuntu. Developers outlined their plans for the next-gen installer, which makes use of Flutter and Curtin, in a forum post.

1 February 2021
New Ubiquity Icon

Ubuntu Replaces Its ‘Disintegrating Installer’ Icon with Something Simpler

Ubuntu 20.10 includes a new icon for the Ubiquity installer (the Ubuntu install tool). Not exactly breaking news but it's an important usability fix.

30 September 2020

Ubuntu’s Installer Slideshow Gets a Focal Refresh

The Ubuntu slideshow installer has been updated in Ubuntu 20.04 to include updated screenshots, new icons, and refreshed theming.

23 January 2020
the ubuntu minimal install option.jpgthe ubuntu minimal install option.jpg

‘Next Gen’ Ubuntu Installer Outlined by Mark Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth has outlined his plans for a next-generator Ubuntu installer dubbed 'Ubiquity NG'. The tool will leverage modern technologies like Curtin, MAAS, Electron and Snaps.

8 May 2018
privacy in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Wants to Collect Data About Your System

Ubuntu wants to collect data on users' systems to 'help improve Ubuntu'. The diagnostic data collection will be opt-out, and enabled by default for all new installs of Ubuntu 18.04.

14 February 2018
Ubuntu Development

Ubuntu adds ‘Minimal Install’ option to installer

Ubuntu 18.04 has a new 'minimal install' option in the installer which lets you choose whether you want a full-fat Ubuntu install, or a semi-skim version with fewer ubuntu packages preinstalled.

14 February 2018
calameres installer in kde neon location

KDE Neon Has Stylish New Install Wizard

KDE Neon has adopted distro-agnostic Linux installer ‘Calamares’ its unstable developer edition. Calamares replaces the Canonical-developed Ubiquity installer as the default graphical installer used when installing the Ubuntu-based OS on a new machine. The stylish install wizard is already in […]

22 January 2017

A Slick New Set-Up Wizard Is Coming To Ubuntu and Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu will modernise its out-of-the-box experience (OOBE) to be easier and quicker to complete, look more 'seductive' to new users, and better present the Ubuntu brand through its design

28 September 2015

This Ubuntu Installer Bug Wipes Your Disk Without You Realising

Installing any operating system, Linux or otherwise, is never risk-free. But according to user reports, a long-standing bug in Ubuntu's official installer is making unexpected issues a little too expected.

28 August 2014

Ubuntu One Set-Up Added to Ubuntu 13.10 Installer

Ubuntu One login has been added to the the system installer of Ubuntu 13.10.

29 August 2013
Placeholder koala image

Tweet Stream Added to Ubuntu 12.04 Installer

An auto-updating Twitter stream has been added to the Ubuntu 12.04 installer. The stream shows tweets containing the hashtag #ubuntu, and appears alongside a short blurb on Ask Ubuntu. The slide, titled 'Any Questions?', is the last item shown during installation of Ubuntu.

17 February 2012