Ubuntu’s installer slideshow isn’t something most of us spend an awful time looking at but for new users it serves an important educational goal.

The Ubiquity desktop installer plays a slideshow during the main part of the install process. Each slide highlights a key feature or important function available in Ubuntu (or whichever Ubuntu flavour is being installed).

The slideshow has been a staple part of Ubuntu (and many flavours) since it was introduced back in Ubuntu 10.10.

For the upcoming release of Ubuntu 20.04 the look of the slideshow will better match the look of Yaru, Ubuntu’s default GTK theme (which recently got a big update of its own).

This update also refreshes the screenshot thumbnails used in the slideshow, going from ‘cropped’ screen grabs to full-windowed ones:

— And yes: these images supposed to be that small!

Several app and feature icons have been refreshed to better resemble their Ubuntu desktop counterparts, and a few images that are no longer needed have been removed (bye-bye Adobe Flash and Ubuntu One Music).

Is it a major revamp? No, but we weren’t expecting one either. The “focal fossa” is a long term support release and these tend to be quite conservative on the ol’ changes front.

We’ve heard very little about the “next generation installer” Mark Shuttleworth outlined back in 2018 (though things are moving ahead on the new Ubuntu Server installer).

In short, this is a welcome update to a core, if oft-overlooked, part of the Ubuntu experience, one that’s very important for new users.

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