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Twitter App ‘Polly’ Adds Ubuntu 12.10 Support

My favourite Twitter app for Ubuntu has been updated to support Ubuntu 12.10. Polly is a multi-account supporting and multi-column toting desktop app for Twitter. It sports a healthy set of features whilst also having a relatively light footprint on system resources. Although a stable release of Polly has yet to be made, although the 'development' build is, in my opinion, robust enough for daily use.

24 October 2012
gfeedline twitter app in Ubuntu 12.04

Is New Linux Twitter App ‘gFeedline’ Any Good?

When it comes to Twitter applications for Linux it's fair to say that we are spoilt for choice. There's Ubuntu's default app Gwibber; the webkit loving Hotot; Choqok or Qwit if KDE is your sort of thing; the unstable but awesome Polly... The list goes on. So does gFeedline, a relatively new Twitter app for Linux, bring anything new to the table?

24 July 2012
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Qt Twitter App Choqok Refreshes Toolbar, Timeline

A new toolbar providing quick access to main features is one of the changes in the latest release of Qt Twitter app Choqok.

5 March 2012
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New Release of Twitter App Turpial Now Available for Ubuntu Users

The latest stable release of Linux Twitter client Turpial is now available to install in Ubuntu. The python application, which also supports the service, has been updated with a small, but welcome, set of new features and improvements. Read on for what's new in the app, and how to get install it in Ubuntu 10.04 through 12.04.

5 December 2011
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KDE Twitter App Choqok Updates with New Look

Chirp, chirp: The very capable KDE twitter application Choqok is available for download. Sporting a redesigned interface and a nest full of minor fixes, it's worth upgrading.

13 November 2011
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Twitter App ‘Polly’ Adds Real-time Updating

A new development snapshot of Twitter application Polly has been made available for download.

10 November 2011
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New Pre-Alpha of Twitter App Polly Available

A new pre-alpha release of multi-column twitter application Polly is available for download.

4 October 2011
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[How To] Make Tweetdeck Look Native in Ubuntu

So you're using Adobe Air twitter application 'Tweetdeck' - on your Ubuntu desktop. Only it doesn't look quite as native as it could do. The solution? @corbindavenport shared it with his followers on Twitter...

14 August 2011
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Schizobird Twitter App Renamed ‘Polly’

Last week the developer of Schizobird' sought the help of OMG! Ubuntu! readers in choosing a new name for his Twitter app. The post in question received over 247 comments pretty much overnight. Nestled amongst all of the sane, and not so sane, suggestions was one clear winner...

3 August 2011
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Help Choose A New Name For Linux Twitter App ‘Schizobird’

Promising new Twitter client 'Schizobird' is seeking a new name - and you can help.

27 July 2011
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Schizobird – An Ubuntu Twitter Client Optimized for Multiple Accounts

A new Twitter client by the name of 'Schizobird' has been under development by Ubuntu user and avid community-goer Conscious User, with the focus on rock solid multiple account support. The name Schizobird wasn't picked at random; instead it's an allusion to the mental illness schizophrenia, which is associated with multiple personality disorder. Schizobird is designed to handle multiple accounts gracefully.

24 July 2011
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KDE Twitter app Choqok 1.1 released; how to download

An update to Qt Twitter client 'Choqok' is now available for download. Now on version 1.1, the release contains a new translator plugin; a timeline filter to make reading tweets in your stream from a specific person or topic easier and a new option to hide the menu bar.

3 April 2011