Last week the developer of Schizobird’ sought the help of OMG! Ubuntu! readers in choosing a new name for his Twitter app.

The post in question received over 247 comments pretty much overnight. Nestled amongst all of the sane, and not so sane, suggestions was one clear winner: ‘Polly’.

The developer, ‘conscioususer‘, sent us a short statement on the new name…

I really thank all OMG editors and commenters for helping me to find a new name. The name “Polly”, which was the most liked suggestion in the comment thread by a large margin, wasn’t my favorite at first, but after a while it grew on me for its remarkable simplicity, and I ended up loving it.

Special thanks to Gabriel G, who is now credited in the source code. If you want me to put your complete name, please send me an email with it.

Thanks to all who took part!

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