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new-nautilus in Ubuntu 12.10

Ubuntu 14.04 May Re-Enable Nautilus ‘Type-Ahead’ Feature

Type-ahead searching in the Nautilus file-manager could be re-added in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, developers have said.

12 January 2014

MATE Desktop Environment Will Be Available in Ubuntu 14.04

Ubuntu 14.04 will, for the first time, allow users to install the MATE desktop environment straight from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

10 January 2014

Nginx Web Server Promoted to Main Repo in 14.04

Developers, sysadmins, and everyone in between will be pleased to hear that the open source Nginx web server will be moving to the main repo in Ubuntu 14.04.

2 January 2014

Ubuntu Will Reach True Convergence Before Microsoft, Says Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth has expresses his belief that Ubuntu will deliver true mobile/desktop convergence ahead of Microsoft.

29 December 2013

Ubuntu 14.04 Flavours Hit Alpha 1 Milestone

Xmas has come early for fans of unstable Ubuntu flavours; the first alpha releases of Ubuntu 14.04 are now available to download.

19 December 2013

Ubuntu 14.04 to Feature SSD TRIM Support By Default

Ubuntu users using SSDs have something extra to look forward to in April's release of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS: TRIM support is finally included.

19 December 2013

Ubuntu Confirm GNOME Control Centre Fork for 14.04

Canonical developers have confirmed their plans to fork the GNOME Control Centre in Ubuntu 14.04.

13 December 2013

Ubuntu 14.04 Adds Global Menu “Off” Switch

In the current daily builds of Ubuntu 14.04 the Unity global menu can now be disabled on a per-app basis.

29 November 2013

What to Expect in Xubuntu 14.04 LTS and Lubuntu 14.04 LTS

Xubuntu and Lubuntu both release their Long-Term Support releases next year, but what changes will they bring? Click through for a rundown.

28 November 2013

What to Expect in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

In around five months time the terrifically named Trusty Tahr – aka 'Ubuntu 14.04' – will be released - but what can you expect to find in it? We take a ramble through the known plans...

25 November 2013

Ubuntu’s New Mobile And Desktop Icon Theme Gets Shown Off

It's been a long time coming but work a revamped set of icons for the Ubuntu desktop is underway in 14.04 – and we've got screenshots.

22 November 2013
mark shuttleworth

‘Household Brands’ Interested In Ubuntu for Phones and Tablets, Says Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth has said that an 'interesting set of household brands' are looking at putting Ubuntu Touch on their own phones and tablets.

19 November 2013