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Music Creation App LMMS Seeks Feature Freeze Exception for 14.04

Music creation enthusiasts are hoping that a faster, sleeker version of Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS) will be made available in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

17 March 2014

Extra Photo Added to Ubuntu 14.04 Community Wallpaper Pack

An extra image has been added to the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Community Wallpaper pack.

14 March 2014

Ubuntu 14.04 Default Wallpaper Now Available to Download

The new Ubuntu 14.04 LTS default wallpaper is available to download in full hi-res, 2560 × 1600 resolution glory.

12 March 2014
Unity8 is available as an alternate Session

Meet The Slick New Unity Lock Screen Coming to Ubuntu 14.04

How long have you wanted Ubuntu's login screen to also handle lock screen duties? A while? Well, the wait will be over soon!

11 March 2014

App Windows Go Borderless In Ubuntu 14.04

Borderless windows are finally coming to the Ubuntu desktop — nearly three years after the style was originally proposed.  The one-pixel frame currently used around the edges of application windows running under the default Ubuntu themes will, […]

11 March 2014

These Are The 12 Community Wallpapers Chosen for Ubuntu 14.04

The eleven tentative winners of the Ubuntu 14.04 Community Wallpaper Contest have been attached to a bug report tracking the contest and are intended to ship by default in the upcoming LTS release this April.

11 March 2014

This Is The New Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Default Wallpaper

With the Ubuntu Wallpaper contest wound up and the winners due to be announced shortly, the other part of the wallpaper puzzle, the default, has been revealed.

10 March 2014

Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 Seeking LTS Status

Ubuntu GNOME is seeking approval to become an official 'Long Term Support' release with its upcoming version.

7 March 2014

How to Enable ‘Minimise On Click’ in Unity 7 on Ubuntu 14.04

A third-party PPA offers Ubuntu users the chance to install a version of the Unity desktop that includes a long-requested launcher feature — 'minimise on click'.

5 March 2014

7 Improvements In Ubuntu 14.04 LTS That You’re Going To Love

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS adds a number of new features and improvements to Unity, many fulfilling long-standing user requests. Here's 7 of the best.

4 March 2014
LIM in 14.04

Ubuntu Brings Full Menus Back to Nautilus, Other Apps in 14.04

Ubuntu has 'patched' several GNOME applications, including the Nautilus file manager, to display full application menus in the upcoming release of 14.04 LTS.

2 March 2014

Five of the Best Ubuntu 14.04 Wallpaper Contest Entries

With less than one week to go until its deadline, the Ubuntu 14.04 wallpaper contest pool is overflowing with stunning submissions, all vying for a place on the default Ubuntu install image.

28 February 2014