Stuffed_Arabian_Tahr-750x524Xmas has come early for fans of unstable Ubuntu flavours; the first alpha releases of Ubuntu 14.04 are now available to download.

Now, before anyone gets too excited, regular Ubuntu isn’t part of this milestone (it only takes part in the beta, due March 27th).

But five fantastic flavours are ready to be toyed with, including the Chinese-orientated UbuntuKylin, the excellent Xubuntu, and the gorgeously graceful Ubuntu GNOME.

Among the updates common between the releases are the Ubuntu Linux kernel and the latest release of Firefox.

Xubuntu also includes a newer version of xfce4-settings, while Edubuntu is adding diskless booting and directory server support for single sign-on needs. Kubuntu ships with KDE Plasma 4.11 and Applications 4.12 Release Candidate.

The second set of alpha releases for flavours is due on January 23rd.

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