How long have you wanted Ubuntu’s login screen to also handle lock screen duties? A while? Ubuntu’s design team have been holding out for it since 2011.

As part of an on-going effort to make Ubuntu 14.04 LTS as awesome as possible a bunch of outstanding issues have been fixed, including this niggling issue. Yes, in Ubuntu 14.04 the login screen will, finally, act as the lock screen. Current versions of Ubuntu use the GNOME-Screensaver package to manage blanking and locking.

All of the various system indicators remain accessible while the screen is locked, and any music or video playing will continue to do so.

The video below by Marco Trevisan shows how the new Unity lock screen looks and works in action on Trusty.

Those already running daily builds will find the slick new screen sliding down the update tubes at some point  in the coming week or so.

Are you a fan?

Video lightdm lockscreen Trusty Tahr