Each release of Ubuntu ships with a set of wallpapers sourced from its community of users. The contest gives  amateur and professional artists, creatives and photographers alike the chance get their work featured on millions of desktops across the world. 

The twelve winners of the Ubuntu 14.04 Community Wallpaper Contest have been attached to a bug report tracking the contest and are intended to ship by default in the upcoming LTS release this April. Their selection comes a day after the reveal of the new-look default Ubuntu wallpaper.

‘In a break with tradition the set does not include an illustrated mascot wallpaper’

The selected backgrounds are all worth of inclusion, and range from the traditional landscape backgrounds to focal-point close-ups of familiar objects. For the first time in several releases, the set does not include an illustrated wallpaper featuring the codename mascot, which is a Tahr for this release. Several such wallpapers were, however, submitted.

You can see each of the images in the gallery below. Do note that while we originally intended to link each of the artists respective listings on Flickr a limitation of the WordPress gallery does not allow us to do that — apologies!

Not Final, But Close

Contest organiser Iain Farrell says:

“We’re shortlisting images as we speak but are still waiting on some contributions from people – the high res images always take a little while to come in. This time they’re taking longer than expected. I’ll upload what we have as soon as I have it.”

One image selected by the judging panel has not been included for now owing to concerns over the copyright status of the image. For now, you can download these potential candidates for default in all their hi-res glory using the link below.

Ubuntu 14.04 Community Wallpapers

This post was updated on March 14 to tweak wording insight of an additional wallpaper being added.

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