Users accustomed to retrieving hard-copies (digital hard copies, that is) of online videos from various flash-using sites  via the /tmp directory may be frustrated to learn that this no longer works.

Recent versions of Adobe Flash now store downloaded videos in a browsers cache folder.  Whether this move is designed to specifically combat illegal downloading of videos is open to speculation however since the same files are still accessible one  would assume this is not the case.

The subject of downloading videos from video-sharing sites is a dodgy one to broach. But it should be noted that whilst procuring copyrighted content – or any video from YouTube – is illegal there are thousands of other videos embedded using Flash players whose copyright holder has no qualms about this practice or in which the use is legitimate. 

Users can still find .flv files of viewed videos on their hard-drive but now located in the cache folder for the respective browser used to view them. These are most commonly located in your home folder, for example:


Dedicated applications for downloading and encoding online videos are also available such as ClipGrab and DamnVid.

Thanks to aloctavodia

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