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(belated) Happy Birthday to System76

November 7th saw Ubuntu computer company 'System76' reach its five year birthday.

8 November 2010
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System 76 Starling netbooks won’t ship with ‘slow, confusing’ Ubuntu Unity

System76’s popular Starling Netbook line won’t be shipping with Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition anytime soon, with System76 President Carl Richell claiming that the newly-developed Unity interface has too many ‘rough edges’ to provide a responsive […]

11 October 2010

System76 Second Gen Starling Netbooks look gorgeous, Available to pre-order now

If you’re looking for Ubuntu powered netbook that is as beautiful outside as it is inside then prepare to coo over the latest ‘Starling’ netbooks to hatch from the nest of Ubuntu-dedicated hardware company System76… […]

20 July 2010