Ubuntu PC makers System 76 have unveiled a new touchscreen notebook running Ubuntu 13.10. 

The Darter Ultra Thin features a 14.1-inch HD multitouch display that works out of the box with Ubuntu. It’s housed in a slender 0.9″ thick chassis weighing in at 4.60 lbs (around 2 kg). Battery life is estimated at around 5 hours – which, for Linux and its power management issues, is actually quite impressive!

Alongside the touchscreen the laptop also offers more traditional methods of input, namely a multi-touch trackpad and chiclet-style keyboard.

Pricing starts at $899 for the base model specification. This gets you:

  • Intel i5-4200U @ 1.5Ghz (Dual core)
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • Intel HD 4400 Graphics
  • 500 GB 5400 RPM HDD
  • Integrated WiFi & Bluetooth
  • 1MP Webcam

As with all System 76 computers you can craft your dream machine by bumping up specifications and adding optional extras. Options on offer for the Darter include:

  • Intel Core i5 & i7 CPUs
  • Up to 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • Dual-storage, including SSD + HDD combo

All essential ports are provided:

  • HDMI out
  • Ethernet
  • 2 x USB 3.0
  • Separate Headphone & Mic Jacks
  • SD Card Reader

For more information on the Darter Thin head over to the System 76 website where, until October 28th, you can pre-order the Darter Thin and pay just $5 for ground shipping in the US.

System76 Darter UltraThin Laptop

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