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Powerful New Ubuntu PC Unveiled By System76

A powerful new Ubuntu PC has been revealed by Linux computer company System76. The Leopard Extreme boasts Haswell CPUs and up to 64GB RAM.

17 September 2013

System76 Unveil New Haswell-Powered Ultra-Thin Ubuntu Laptop

The world's first ultra-thin laptop to use Intel's Iris Pro graphics has today been unveiled by Ubuntu-dedicated hardware company System76.

13 June 2013

System 76 Sable Complete PC Unboxing [Video]

It's a System 76 Sable complete PC. Getting unboxed.

28 December 2012

System76 Launch 17″ Ubuntu Gaming Laptop, Dub it ‘Worlds Fastest’

Ubuntu hardware sellers System76 have today unveiled their latest laptop: the Bonobo Extreme. System76's CEO and Founder, Carl Richell, boasts that the Bonobo Extreme is the 'world's fastest Ubuntu laptop', citing Steam's impending Linux arrival as reason for launching a 'new benchmark in gaming performance'.

19 November 2012

Meet The $799 All-in-One Ubuntu PC from System76

The first all-in-one PC to ship with Ubuntu pre-installed has gone on sale. System76's 'Sable Complete' packs a powerful set of internals behind a 21.5" HD display with edge-to-edge glass, aluminium trimming and a 'sleek, industrial design'.

24 October 2012

System76 All-in-One PC Launching Tomorrow

Apple aren't the only company dropping new products: Ubuntu computer makers System76 are also gearing up for a new product release. They tweeted this image of an 'all-in-one' PC earlier today, but no other details are yet known.

23 October 2012
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System76 Offer Free Hard-Drive Upgrades for Autumn Buyers

Ubuntu computer makers System76 are welcoming the arrival of Autumn with a nifty new offer: free hard-drive upgrades for customers.

25 September 2012
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System76 Begin Shipping to Mexico

Mexico is the latest country to be added to the shipping list of Ubuntu dedicated hardware company System76. Carl Richell, the CEO of System76, has said that shipping to Mexico has been on their 'want' for some time.

13 September 2012
Gazelle Professional Keyboard

The System76 Gazelle Professional: Just How Good Is It? [Review]

The Gazelle Professional is the flagship laptop from Ubuntu computer maker's System76. I've spent the last month testing it, having blindly invested a thousand pounds into a finely tuned version of the laptop after hearing great comments about it. Was it worth the money? Read on to see...

8 September 2012

SnapChick Gets to Grip with Ubuntu – And Likes It [Video]

Late last month Ubuntu computer makers System76 gave popular photography YouTuber SnapChick one of their meaty Gazelle Professional laptops to play with - but how is she getting on?

13 July 2012
Snapchick snapshot

Can a System76 Ubuntu Laptop Meet One Photographer’s Needs?

What happens when you put a powerful laptop running Ubuntu into the hands of a photography professional? We're about to find out.

22 June 2012
Lemur Ultra Front

Hands On With The System76 ‘Lemur Ultra’ Ubuntu Laptop

When it comes to laptops that solely ship Ubuntu as an Operating System one of the most well known names is System76. During the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Oakland, CA a few weeks back I had an opportunity to chat over lunch with System76 CEO, Carl Richell about the exciting products they are working on at their Headquarters in Colorado. Carl invited me to check out one of their current laptop offerings the Lemur Ultra which I spent some time with here in the labs.

2 June 2012