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This Week Twitter Taught Me: Preferences, Pop OS & Raspberry Pi Penguins

The first in a series of post where I share interesting Linux-y anecdotes, trivia, and tweets from the past week on Twitter, the microblogging platform.

26 April 2019
pop os 19.04 desktop screenshot

System76 Launch Pop OS 19.04, Based on Ubuntu 19.04

Pop OS 19.04 is the latest release of the Ubuntu-based Pop OS Linux distribution created by Linux laptop seller System76. It's ready to download now.

24 April 2019

System76 Announce Their Own Linux Distribution called Pop!_OS

Pop!_OS is a new Linux distribution from System76, a computer company better known for selling Linux laptops pre-loaded with Ubuntu.

29 June 2017

Bring Ubuntu with GNOME to Life with ‘Pop’ GTK Theme (Updated)

If you're looking to give your newly minted GNOME desktop a bit of a makeover look no further than the Pop GTK theme from System76.

26 April 2017
system76 galago pro keyboard

System76 Isn’t Giving Up On Ubuntu, Plans to Put its Own Spin on GNOME

System76 sells millions of dollars worth of Ubuntu laptops and PCs every year — but they're not letting news that Ubuntu is dropping Unity affect them.

11 April 2017
system76 galago pro laptop

The New System76 Galago Pro is a Potential Macbook Killer (Updated)

The System76 Galago Pro is the company's first super thin aluminum laptop, and is kitted out with the latest Intel Kaby Lake processors and up to 32GB RAM.

2 March 2017

Control Fan Speed on Clevo Laptops With This Indicator Applet

'Clevo Indicator' is a small panel-based applet that allows Clevo laptop owners running Ubuntu to monitor and control their CPU fan speed.

13 June 2016

System 76 Ubuntu Touchscreen Laptop Now Available to Pre-Order

Say hello to the Darter Ultra thin - a 14-inch touchscreen laptop from Linux PC sellers System 76.

15 October 2013

Powerful New Ubuntu PC Unveiled By System76

A powerful new Ubuntu PC has been revealed by Linux computer company System76. The Leopard Extreme boasts Haswell CPUs and up to 64GB RAM.

17 September 2013

System76 Unveil New Haswell-Powered Ultra-Thin Ubuntu Laptop

The world's first ultra-thin laptop to use Intel's Iris Pro graphics has today been unveiled by Ubuntu-dedicated hardware company System76.

13 June 2013

System 76 Sable Complete PC Unboxing [Video]

It's a System 76 Sable complete PC. Getting unboxed.

28 December 2012

System76 Launch 17″ Ubuntu Gaming Laptop, Dub it ‘Worlds Fastest’

Ubuntu hardware sellers System76 have today unveiled their latest laptop: the Bonobo Extreme. System76's CEO and Founder, Carl Richell, boasts that the Bonobo Extreme is the 'world's fastest Ubuntu laptop', citing Steam's impending Linux arrival as reason for launching a 'new benchmark in gaming performance'.

19 November 2012