Mexico is the latest country to be added to the shipping list of Ubuntu dedicated hardware company System76.

Carl Richell, the CEO of System76, has said that shipping to Mexico is something they’ve wanted to for some time.

Unfortunately, it’s one of the more difficult countries to ship to. The recipient needs to request a license with a pro-bono invoice to receive a product in a timely matter’, he explained to reader Eugenio P.

But such complexities aren’t insurmountable, so the company begun accepting orders that ship to Mexico earlier this week.

The country joins a growing list of territories to which the small American company distribute. Other locations include Brazil, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and many Western-European countries.

‘Encouraging Response’

System76 say that response from the ‘Estados Unidos Mexicanos’ has, thus far, been ‘encouraging’. They intend to ‘closely monitor‘ the ‘paperwork and customs burden’ over the next few months.

‘We are looking forward to a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with our neighbours to the south!”

Brilliant news for the Mexican Ubuntu community.

OMG! writer Tom Slominski took an indepth-look at the System76 Gazelle Professional laptop earlier this week.

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