A new version of Pop!_OS is out and it packs some delectable goodies like scheduled updates, better multi-monitor workspace switching, and a tweak that ensures the app or game in focus gets the best performance possible.

But you don’t need to download a new .iso and plunge headfirst into a fresh install.

You can upgrade to Pop OS 22.04 from 21.10.

And in this post I walk you (and me) through the process as it differs to the upgrade experience available in the regular, full-fat version of Ubuntu.

Upgrading to Pop!_OS 22.04

a screenshot showing the pop os 22.04 upgrade is available on an older version
Upgrading to Pop!_OS 22.04 is relatively easy

First things first: before you go any further you should backup any important files, settings, dot files, and so on. While the upgrade process should go smoothly you want to be prepared incase —Zoinks!— it doesn’t.

Next, make sure you check for and install all updates. You can use apt update from the command line or pop open the Pop!_Shop and hit the refresh button. Be sure to install any pending updates that are listed.

Thereout, it’s easy:

  • Open Settings
  • Select the OS Upgrade & Recovery panel

A giant eye-ball (hey, that’s what it looks like) will roll around, spot the upgrade, and list it as available. Then:

  • Click the Download button

Allow the download to complete:

screenshot of OS upgrade and recovery showing pop OS download

When the Pop OS 22.04 download is complete you’ll see an “Upgrade” button in the OS Upgrade & Recovery panel. Click the button to begin the upgrade process:

screenshot of OS upgrade and recovery showing pop OS 22.04 upgrade button

Once you hit “Upgrade” a dialog spawns containing the Pop OS 22.04 release notes and a further confirmation button to ensure you’re ready to reboot and upgrade:


Go grab a coffee while the upgrade takes place (or stay put and stare at the progress bar, if you want):

it's just a blank progress screen nothing special
Everyone loves a progress bar


a desktop screenshot of pop os 22.04 lts
Enjoying POP


Upgrading Pop OS from the Command Line

You can upgrade to Pop!_OS 22.04 from the command line rather than a GUI.

First check for and install any pending updates using your preferred method.

Then pop open Terminal and run the sudo apt full-upgrade command.

Enter your system password when prompted.

Once that process is complete you need to run pop-upgrade release upgrade to complete the upgrade (note: you may be prompted to answer a few questions in Terminal so have your finger(s) hovering over the y and enter keys accordingly).

Finally, once everything is in place, reboot to enjoy Pop!_OS 22.04 — be sure to let me know what you think of it down in the comments.

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