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sound switcher applet for ubuntu

Indicator Sound Switcher Makes Switching Audio Devices on Ubuntu a Snap

Indicator Sound Switcher makes it easy to switch between multiple audio input and output devices on the Ubuntu desktop.

26 September 2016
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Use Sound Switcher to Quickly Switch Audio Inputs/Outputs in Ubuntu

Sound Switcher lets you switch between audio input and output devices straight from the system tray - no need for Ubuntu System Settings.

16 February 2014
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Xnoise 0.1.11 released

Lightweight music player Xnoise 0.1.11 has been released, adding support for Ubuntu 10.10's new sound menu amongst many other changes. Read on for more details.

29 September 2010
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Xnoise music player adds Sound Menu integration

Lightweight music application ‘Xnoise’ had added Sound Menu integration. Posting news of the success to the Xnoise mailing list, developer shuerhaaken noted that whilst development hadn’t been as straightforward as hoped full sound menu integration […]

28 September 2010
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How to enable Banshee Sound Menu integration in Ubuntu 10.10

You don't need to miss out on the neat Ubuntu Sound Menu integration Rhythmbox boasts in Ubuntu 10.10 if you're team Banshee thanks to the availability of a Banshee sound Menu extension.

19 September 2010
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Ubuntu 10.10 Sound applet buttons now respect your theme

If you were irked by previous iterations of the Ubuntu 10.10 sound menu having self-consistent buttons then prick your ears up and prepare to breath a sight of relief: the buttons within the menu now […]

15 September 2010
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Rhythmbox finally gets the update Maverick testers have longed for…

Rhythmbox no-longer exits when you press the 'close' button. In Lucid pressing the 'close' window button minimized the main window to the Rhythmbox indicator. With the introduction of the new Sound Menu in Ubuntu 10.10 the last few months have required Maverick users to have Rhythmbox fully open on the desktop (or sat in the panel/dock) all the time.

10 September 2010

This Ubuntu Sound Menu Concept Is Too Dang Cute

I don’t know what is left to say about the Ubuntu 10.10 Sound Menu that hasn’t already been said so far – it’s a menu, it’s new, most of you love it! This mockup by […]

31 August 2010
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Ubuntu 10.10 sound menu gets new buttons (at last!)

Some of you loathed them, some of you loved them but now they’re gone. Yes, the Ubuntu 10.10 Sound Menu has finally introduced new player control icons that ditch the gaudy n’ grey look of yesterday […]

26 August 2010
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Ding, ding – Sound Applet mock-ups round II

Wyatt Kirby, whose sound applet mock-ups found favourable fandom both here and on Mark Shuttleworth’s blog, has put pixel to, er, palette and come up with a newly revised design. For those new to the whole ‘Sound […]

16 August 2010
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Banshee adds initial Meerkat Sound Menu support

Whilst much ado about nothing has been made concerning Ubuntu 10.10’s shiny new Sound Menu one question has been asked time and time again – will Banshee support it? The answer is yes. Bertand Lorentz […]

7 August 2010
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Meerkat’s new sound Indicator: Changes on the way?

Mark Shuttleworth has just posted some focused discussion and mock-ups over on his blog, highlighting the artists name in the new Maverick Sound Menu – like so: I for one think that the sound menu is looking […]

4 August 2010