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Worried about the meerkat Sound Menu? todays update screams ‘don’t be!’

I know that many readers have had concerns over the direction that Ubuntu 10.10’s new sound menu has been taking and it would be fair to say that a significant section of those were centred […]

16 July 2010
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Ubuntu 10.10 sound menu continues maturing

Ubuntu 10.10’s new Unified sound menu is continuing to mature nicely in the latest updates to the Alpha OS. Early adopters may have already noticed the update but for those waiting for a bit longer […]

9 July 2010

Ubuntu 10.10’s New Sound Menu Starts to Stir into life

Ubuntu 10.10 will see the Meerkat rock out with a new Unified sound menu that allows users to “…easily change sound volume and control music playback.” We’re a few weeks away from Alpha 2 but, […]

20 June 2010
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Well that’s a nice volume slider (minor post alert)

You’re likely all aware that Ubuntu 10.10 is getting a funky feature-packed new sound applet for Maverick. That shindig promises to be crazy awesome and a great usability improvement. Until that pops up do allow […]

7 June 2010
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UDS-M: Sound menu Changes coming In Ubuntu Maverick

Ubuntu 10.10 will see the introduction of a ‘unified sound menu‘, designed to allow users to easily control music playback and control over-all sound volume; staking itself on more than just managing volume, but managing […]

11 May 2010
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Lucid Has A Sexy New Volume Indicator

The volume ‘applet’ in Ubuntu will become an ‘indicator’ applet in Lucid. That’s more info that you really need to know. What’s important is that it looks hella sexy: –   For comparisons sake here’s […]

12 February 2010