Mark Shuttleworth has just posted some focused discussion and mock-ups over on his blog, highlighting the artists name in the new Maverick Sound Menu – like so:

I for one think that the sound menu is looking pretty fantastic, and the embedded apps are really coming along (although something about those buttons I find to be distasteful.  I would prefer just plain squares). A discussion on whether to keep the track scrubber is also underway. Check out this excellent mockup by wakirby:

While this is just a minor, minor adjustment, I think it says something strangely important about Ubuntu currently.

People are really caring and noticing the littlest things. Yeah, cue up jokes about hardware incompatibility and driver issues, but these little things are going to be needed for new users to feel comfortable making a switch to Ubuntu. These advanced indicator menus are covering the functionality currently present in Windows 7 mouse over taskbar controls, and getting them really ironed out and working well tells of good things for the end user.

Of course, all us nerds are probably bored at such small improvements. BRB, I have to go play with gconf-editor.

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