Wyatt Kirby, whose sound applet mock-ups found favourable fandom both here and on Mark Shuttleworth’s blog, has put pixel to, er, palette and come up with a newly revised design.

For those new to the whole ‘Sound Menu Saga’ I’ll be brief: Ubuntu 10.10 has a new sound menu which controls things like thythmbox and system volume. Some people like it & some people like it less so.

Now people are suggesting a bit of a rethink about it.

We’ve seen awesome (including interactive) mock-ups proposing solutions to the issues Mark Shuttleworth raised and by far and away the most popular had been Wyatt’s designs. Step up the redux versions.

Wyatt’s design redux

Wyatt told us: “What I consider to be important about this project is the functionality. Till now it’s seemed that we’re trying to fit all the functionality of the main program window into a 200px wide drop-down menu.” 

“I’d like to see the option added to pull up the main program window by clicking on the program title, eliminating the need for things like a playlist menu, the current playback time, shuffle/repeat options, etc. Thus leaving the applet to handle volume and little else.”

Wyatt’s ‘condensed’ version

“This greatly reduces the clutter and weight of the menu, leaving the core functionality – adjusting the volume – intact.”

I’m going to let the stellar work above do the talking for me but feel free to leave your thoughts and (polite) critiques in the comment section below.

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