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happy new year with linux mascot

Happy New Year, Folks — Let’s Fill it with Linux!

A saccharine post of colossally cloy sincerity expressed through the medium of words (when I can enter them in the right order), topped with appreciation.

1 January 2022

A Few Design Questions… [Off Topic]

A 743 word opine on my inability to settle on a colour treatment for a part of the site most people scroll away from pretty quickly.

9 December 2021
ubuntu question bubble

Are You Experiencing Issues with Comments on this Site?

A post asking for feedback about any commenting issues you're experiencing on this site. This post will probably be deleted in a few days.

26 August 2021

Do Not Adjust Your Monitor: We’re Supposed to Look Like This

It's not your eyes, your monitor, or even Ubuntu: we DO look different today! In this post I talk about our latest revamp and why it matters to us and you!

26 April 2021
where's omg thingy

PSA: We’re On Holiday For a Few Days

Think of this note as a scribbled note stuck to the communal notice board with a half-chewed stick of gum.

20 May 2016

Honey, We’re Home

If you're one of our regular readers you may have been wondering where the Dapper Drake we've been for the last few weeks. Well here's where, and why it's actually turned out for the best.

21 January 2013
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Happy Holidays All, Thanks For The Year, We’re On A Break For A Bit!

Just a quick note! I'd like to take a moment to thank each one of you for being a fantastic bunch of readers over the past year, and wish you a good holiday break! It's been an amazing year for OMG! Ubuntu! and our little wee community is growing by so much every day. Joey and I are always blown away by the statistics, number of comments, shares, and interaction OMG! Ubuntu! has with all members of the community. We know for a fact that people from Canonical, the community, companies using Ubuntu, selling Ubuntu, and all sorts of projects are represented in the comments section and this really brings a smile to our face.

25 December 2011
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We’ve open sourced our Android app – Java developers, come and play!

Just a quick notification to let everyone know that we've open sourced our OMG! Ubuntu! android application. All you budding Java coders can head on over to Launchpad and play around with the code.

22 August 2011
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[Poll] If we switched to Livefyre for comments…

We know that our comments section and the OMG! community is extremely active, you guys love having your say and voicing an opinion and there has been some completely awesome discussions take place in the comments down there.

3 May 2011

Introducing the OMG! Ubuntu! Android app

The official OMG! Ubuntu! Android app is here! Now you can get the latest Ubuntu news, tips, interviews, how-tos and more from your favourite Ubuntu site wherever you are on your Android phone.

1 May 2011

Hey, where’d Ubuntu Gamer go?

In September last year we launched Ubuntu Gamer at - the intention was to create an entirely new site in a similar vein to OMG! Ubuntu!, but dedicated purely to gaming on Ubuntu. The site went well for a few months until earlier this year, when due to a variety of reasons, a lot of the authors couldn't find the time to write articles and the news was well, simply not there.

30 April 2011
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Follow Ubuntu 11.04 reactions in our information Hub (update: back on)

Come Ubuntu release day, there's so much stuff happening it's often hard to keep track. There are new articles popping up on OMG! Ubuntu! throughout the day, reactions on Twitter and Identica, chat in the #ubuntu-release-party IRC channel and constant refreshes of to see if the release is, in fact, released.

28 April 2011