omg_askomg_transparentThink of this notice as a hand written note stuck to the communal notice board with some half-chewed gum.

In half-faded biro I write: “Do not panic if you don’t see any new posts on @omgubuntu during the next 5 or 6 days. Be strong, Joey x.”

Yup, things’ll be a little quiet around here for around a week.

But do not panic: Red Hat haven’t hired me to staff Yum! Fedora!, BuzzFeed is not suddenly interested in my typo-ridden typing talents; and no, Gawker isn’t going to pay me money to write 300 words around whatever is at the top /r/politics today.

I’m simply on holiday. Trivia fans may be interested to know that it’ll be first holiday I’ve ever been on. As I’m taking a break from wrestling with an overfed suitcase I figured I’d let you know.

I’m not off anywhere spectacular, mind. I’m simply swapping the water-drenched pastures of Devon, England for the, er, rain soaked drudgery of “the north” (Manchester specifically).

I’m off to attend the wedding of two people I’ve never met (as a plus one, not a gatecrasher) and then, once the terror of being ‘sociable’ is out of the way, I’ll spend 4 days bodging my way around the Manchester canals on a narrowboat (that’s the holiday bit).

I don’t (currently) have data on my phone so I will be largely incommunicado from the time you read. I’m hoping to snatch a few moments with free hotel/pub/cafe Wi-Fi so I can at least pull in my e-mails (and refresh the emergency kittens twitter feed) but I probably won’t find space to check my news feeds or sit down and write a blog post procrastinate.

The comments queue will, obviously, be un-modded during this time too. Do not take it personally if a comment of yours doesn’t appear on the site right away (or if your tirade against the terrors of terminal-based upgrade routes is flagged for approval by other readers).

There is a single post scheduled to go out at the weekend as I type this. I’m in two minds about whether to let it (about 1/4 of everything I write goes unpublished). I’m almost certain no-one will remember/care what the post in question is about.

But hey — that applies to half of what I write, doesn’t it? ;)

This will be the first time in almost 8 years that I’ve intentionally left this site for an extended period of time!

A week is a long time in politics but it’s a veritable eon in the fast-moving world of open-source. I’ll miss some sizeable news items, app updates and/or product announcements during my absence, I’m sure. I apologise in advance.

Have fun while I’m AFK and please don’t delete us from your bookmarks! ;)

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