omg_askomg_transparentIf you’re one of our regular readers then you may have been wondering where the Dapper Drake we’ve been for the last few weeks. 

Far from living up to our slogan of “Everything Ubuntu, Daily“, the last couple of month’s output has been more a case of “Everything Ubuntu, Providing you Can Access it.

I am, of course, talking about the incessant server errors that have been a “feature” of this site for the last six or so weeks. You’d be a much charmed person not to have shaken hands with Mister 504 or Miss 502 at least once recently.

It’s been annoying. And we apologise.

The Good News

Last week we moved off of Amazon Cloud and into the protective bosom of a Managed WordPress Hosting company called WebSynthesis. Their job is to take care of and manage all of our hosting needs, letting us focus on getting content out.

When a leak springs, they fix it. Probably before anyone, including us, even notices it happened in the first place.

We’re sorry we weren’t with you properly for the last 6 weeks, but we’re back now and Raring (pun fully intended) to go.

We even have the obligatory celebratory Ubuntu beverage ready to tiz open… 


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