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ubuntu band aids

Ubuntu Phone Band-aids Are Bitesize Bugs That YOU Can Help Fix

Don't worry; Canonical isn't branching out to launch a range of adhesive bandages for cracked screens.

14 June 2016
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Ubuntu’s One Hundred Paper Cuts Project is Precisely Back!

Three, two, one, GO! The One Hundred Paper Cuts project is back for the Ubuntu 12.04 development cycle, to make 12.04 LTS the most bug-free, precise and pixel-perfect Ubuntu release ever! What is a paper […]

3 December 2011
Activities Overview in GNOME Shell

GNOME Declares War on Minor Bugs With ‘Every Detail Matters’ Project

GNOME's Allan Day has announced the launch of a new development project aimed at fixing 'the small bugs [in GNOME] that ..undermine the overall experience.'

1 December 2011
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One Hundred Paper Cuts’ Oneiric cycle has started, get involved!

It's the beginning of yet another cycle of bug fixing, squashing, smashing and thrashing! The One Hundred Papercuts Project is back for the Oneiric cycle, with lots of tiny and trivial bugs, a.k.a Papercuts, waiting to be fixed by everyday people like yourself. Make the jump to find out how you can help.

29 June 2011
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Weekend! 5! – Five Papercuts to fix this weekend

Ever bothered by the little usablity bugs that are generally overlooked by developers? Here we list 5 of them that you could spend your weekend fixing and making everyone happy.

4 December 2010
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Papercuts project back for Natty

The One Hundred Papercuts project is back for another round of dedicated bug fixing during the Ubuntu 11.04 development cycle. But this time with a slight difference… The Aim During the Maverick development cycle the […]

3 December 2010
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C’mon Mozilla, show me my Firefox icon!

Firefox - why won't you adhere to my icon theme!? Small issues sometime grate the most and the following bug falls squarely into that category... Click through for the rest of the rant.

1 September 2010
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Ubuntu fixes 100 paper-cuts for Maverick – Already!

A short, sharp and congratulatory post right now as news as reached my ear that  the100 paper cuts initiative for Maverick has hit its goal with a full, fat round 100 ‘cuts’ fixed and released. […]

24 August 2010
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100 Papercuts Returns For Lucid

David Siegel has posted about the plans for the “100 papercuts” proposals for Lucid Lynx. For those that don’t know, the 100 papercuts initiative sets out to fix those tiny bugs and trivial user interface […]

24 November 2009