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Papercuts project back for Natty

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

One Hundred Papercuts Project logo

The One Hundred Papercuts project is back for another round of dedicated bug fixing during the Ubuntu 11.04 development cycle.

But this time with a slight difference…

The Aim

During the Maverick development cycle the paper cuts team shot straight past their planned goal of squashing 100 niggling issues, going on to fix 117 bugs in total.

With that in mind the team have decided to aim higher this year: rather than setting the goal posts at a stock 100, as has been the case through Karmic to Maverick, the papercuts team have decided to try and fix as many bugs as possible!

Writing on the Canonical Design team blog team member Vish explained the thinking behind the change:

Rather than setting the same old target of hundred bugs, as we do for each cycle, for the Natty Cycle our target is : ‘As many bugs as we can fix, As a community. The Papercuts project is a community project and not many seem to have noticed this. This cycle we would like to increase community awareness and participation in the project.

The Focus

Since Banshee has been chosen as the default music player for Ubuntu 11.04 the team have first set their sights on polishing up the popular meda player.

Examples of Banshee papercuts targeted include: –

The second round of fixing will center on Empathy and Gwibber. Some prime cuts deemed vital to fix include: –

Third up are ‘bugs in notify-osd, indicator-* , application-indicators and other papercut bugs in the Ayatana family of products.”

The default file manage Nautilus will be the focus of the fourth round.

Later rounds will centre on office applications, photo and video apps, miscellaneous entries, window grip and, for the final run, the Ubuntu Software Centre.

You can view all papercuts @

Natty’s Ninjas

Aside from aiming higher than before another new initiative for Natty has been created: ‘Papercut Ninja’s.’

The Ninja’s initiative aims to make it easier for people to jump in and help fix papercut bugs.

Vish explains how: –

“Just subscribe to the mailing list and get notified when a new papercut bug is accepted. When you notice one you like, claim the bug, assign it to yourself and just fix it!”

More information on the Ninja team can be found @