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C’mon Mozilla, show me my Firefox icon!

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Small issues sometime grate the most and the following bug falls squarely into that category…

Mise en scène
So you’ve chosen to use a custom theme set – like the fabulous Faenza icon set – because, clearly, you dig the icon style.

The firefox icon my chosen theme uses

You love the look of your new Firefox icon in your the menu and on your dock but, what’s this, does Firefox has an icon-ego issue when it comes to other areas?

Alt-switcher; Every app bar firefox adheres to system icon theme
Same applies to system processes

So, what’s up?
Yi Sun-sin, who filed the bug report,¬†explains: –

“The process icons are taken from the /usr/lib/firefox-3.6/chrome/icons/default directory, while the launcher icon is taken from the system icon theme, which is chosen by the user, and might provide a custom icon for Firefox.

This can create a lot visual inconsistencies, especially when using a dock that will use the launcher icon.”

Sure, this isn’t a humongous show-stopping bug, more of a paper-cut, but it’s one that wouldn’t take much effort to fix. If it narks you head over the bug report and let people know.