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100 Papercuts Returns For Lucid

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

David Siegel has posted about the plans for the “100 papercuts” proposals for Lucid Lynx.

For those that don’t know, the 100 papercuts initiative sets out to fix those tiny bugs and trivial user interface issues ” i.e. papercuts ” that normally get looked over in the grand scheme of things, but which can really hinder a users experience of Ubuntu.

Cuts fixed for Karmic Koala included allowing easy install of fonts, changing the Ethernet icon to better suit the panel and addressing plenty of over-sized dialogs.

‘Cuts that will be salved (not a typo!) in Lucid range from creating a cohesive set of default compiz settings, setting out notification behaviours (priorities, do not disturb, etc), fixing issues in Empathy, Gwibber, Rhythmbox and PiTiVi and, well, a tone more that haven’t yet been found!

F-Spot and Eye-Of-Gnome will also find themselves rubbed in balm to address the removal of GIMP from Lucid.

Round About

As with Karmic there will be 10 rounds of 10 papercuts to “fix”. Each ‘round’ will have a specific theme (such as Gwibber, Compiz, Notifications & Sound/Video.)