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Opera 12 in Ubuntu 12.04

Opera 12 Released, Adds New Features, Removes Old Ones

A new version of the niche web browser Opera has been released with a number of new features. These include a new theming system, support for 64bit processors, and HTML5 drag 'n' drop.

14 June 2012

Opera 11.60 Released with New Look Mail Interface

A new version of web-browser Opera has been made available for download. The update, which bumps the browser up to version 11.60, comes with the usual smattering of improved web standards support, bug fixes and rendering engine updates - but that's not all...

6 December 2011

GTK3 Support Comes To Opera

Opera developers have confirmed that GTK3 support is in the works for the cult browser.

13 September 2011
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[How to] Switch To Dev Versions of Popular Browsers In Ubuntu

We all want the latest features in our favourite apps as soon as possible, and some of us are willing to accept bugs, breakage and general beta-quality experience in order to get them sooner. So, how to switch to a development version of your favourite web browser in Ubuntu? Read on...

29 August 2011

Opera 11.50 Hits Release Candidate, Ready to Download

A Release Candidate build of Opera 11.50, the next version of Opera Software's web browser, is now available to download.

24 June 2011

Opera Introduces New ‘Featherweight’ Skin, Brings Subtle Interface Changes

Opera Software have shown off the first phase of 'Project Featherweight' - a new initiative designed to refine and improve the interface of the Opera web browser.

22 June 2011
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Opera 11.50 Beta adds speed dial extensions, password sync

Opera 11.50 has slipped into beta drive, bringing along some neat new features for the ride.

31 May 2011

Opera gets some Unity love; tab badge, quicklists and more

With Ubuntu Unity-specific support being lavished upon Chromium and Firefox 4 it wasn't going to be long before Opera - the oft overlooked web browser which a healthy 5% of OMG! readers use - received some due love and attention. Opera user/fan/developer Kyle Baker - whose Opera themes and tips we've featured before - has written a 'Unity script' for the browser that adds in some Unity specific love including a tab count to the Launcher icon, right-click quicklists to your Opera speed dial entries and support for Unity's "urgency" alerts.

8 May 2011
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Touch-friendly browsers in Ubuntu: Opera Mobile 11; add-ons for Firefox, Chrome

Using Ubuntu on a tablet or netvertible isn't the nicest of fits and that's understandable: Ubuntu is not a tablet OS after all. There are, however, plenty of things one can do to make the experience of using Ubuntu on a tablet/touchscreen that little bit more more enjoyable. Over the coming weeks I'll be sharing a selection of tips, apps and ideas for doing just this. But first you'll need something to read the posts in...

21 April 2011
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How to add Quicklists for Opera in Unity

Kyle Baker recently posted a short guide on adding Quicklist options to Opera's launcher in Unity, and whilst his guide relates to Opera, the Unity developers have made it an easy enough 'hack' to apply to a variety of applications.

6 April 2011
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Opera 11.10 “barracuda” Beta released

The first beta release of Opera 11.10 'Barracuda' is now available for download with an improved speed-dial page, automatic Flash installation and few other odds and ends.

18 March 2011
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Opera 11 released

The latest iteration of web browser Opera has been released. Adding in many new features, refinements and obligatory performance boosts, it's an essential upgrade for Opera fans and well worth a punt for the curious.

16 December 2010