Opera Software have shown off the first phase of ‘Project Featherweight’ – a new initiative designed to refine and improve the interface of the Opera web browser.

Opera featherweight Skin

The ‘Featherweight’ skin for Opera comes with many changes. Various elementas of the interface have been reworked and refined, such as the address and statusbars, and an entirely new icon set has been introduced.

“We want the user interface to match the speed of our rendering engine.” ~ Jan Henrik Helmers, Opera

Amongst other notable changes is that of a cute ‘folded corner’ design alerting you to an updated web-page, replacing the blue dot of previous releases.

Opera’s Featherweight Skin can be trailed in ‘Opera Next’ build – a development version of the Opera browser that can installed and used alongside an existing Opera installation.

Download since removed

More information, along with a handful of screenshots of Featherweight under OS X and Windows, can be found on the announcement page at  my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/2011/06/22/featherweight.

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