A new version of the niche web browser Opera has been released with a number of new features.

These include a new theming system, support for 64bit processors, and HTML5 drag ‘n’ drop.

In keeping with its competitors the URL bar has also become ‘smarter’. It now displays a drop-down list of search suggestions and snippets of already visited pages when entering a search term.

Opera 12 URL bar

The new themeing system is, arguably, the headline feature of this release. Unlike Firefox or Google Chrome, themes are applied to the entire Opera window – window border and all. The online theme catalog already boasts some 350 themes.

Ubuntu users taking advantage of themeing should note that it will result in Opera using right-sided non-system window controls.

Opera 12 in Ubuntu 12.04

Hardware acceleration and WebGL also feature in this release but are not turned on by default. Head into opera:config to enable it.

Other new features include: –

  • Webcam support
  • Support for the Do Not Track header
  • CSS3 Animations and Transitions
  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (Cors) Support
  • Improved language support


As great as all of the above items are it must be noted that Opera 12 also sees a number of previously core features removed. Sync service Opera Unite and Opera Widgets are two casualties of a developmental refocus by the Opera Software team.


Opera provide .Deb installers (both 32bit and 64bit) for Ubuntu users. Hit the download button below to visit the Opera download site.

[button size=”medium” color=”red” url=”http://opera.com/download”] Download Opera 12 for Ubuntu [/button]

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