opera-big-opaqueOpera has announced a beta release of its Chromium-based web browser — the first to support Linux.

The Norwegian software company kickstarted its love for Linux back in June with the launch of dedicated development builds. Now, almost three months on, Opera 25 has graduated to beta status.

Whether you tried earlier builds or not there’s plenty to recommend in the revamped Opera. While it has the robust underpinnings of Chromium and Blink it’s far from being a skinned ‘Chrome clone’.

For instance, this release debuts a new visually rich bookmarking feature that Opera say is about “collecting ‘things’ not just ‘links’”.

Speed Dial tiles also look more consistent, having dropped site screenshots for Opera Coast-style logos.

There’s also an integrated PDF reader, native notification support and, for eager testers, a new-look start page to try.

Tab Peek lets you preview other tabs
Tab Peek lets you preview other tabs

Download Opera for Linux Beta

Opera 25 Beta for Linux is 64-bit only and can be downloaded from the link below.

Download Opera 25 Beta for Linux (64bit)

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