Everyone loves button pushing and beautiful boot loader BURG gives you a copious selection to choose from. Better yet they’re useful!

Here’s our dandy high-5 list of five buttons to press during your BURG boot.

Press R for Resolution options

BURG looking all stretched and garbled? Press the R key to select a better resolution. Highlight the resolution you want to switch to in the menu and hit the enter key to apply. Your screen may reset of flicker for a second or two whilst it readjusts so lay off the panic.

Press T to choose a different theme

Bored of the default theme? Hit up the ‘T’ key for a whole world of extra themes. You can see most of them over in our original BURG install post @ this link.

Press F to hide the Ubuntu entries you never use

An easy way to hide all of those extra kernel, memtest & other entries that you never select is to select then and hit ‘F’. This ‘folds’ them away out of sight. To see them press ‘F’ again. Toggle-tastic!

Press E to edit the command of a boot item

If you need to tweak around with the boot command for an item, such as removing quiet-splash for various bork-ish reasons, then the ‘E’ key is your friend, allowing you to edit the selected item in your BURG menu.

Press Q to view the old GRUB menu

Bored of fancy pants? Need something more sober for a second? Hit ‘Q’ to view the old-style GRUB menu list.

You can see a more comprehensive list of button commands over on the BURG wiki @ http://code.google.com/p/burg/wiki/InstallUbuntu

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