If you’re sat looking a bit bamboozled by the name ‘CoverGloobus’ then where have you been?!

The desktop Cover Art, controller n’ Lyrics app is an application with no equal on Linux and no self-respecting eye candy lover should be with out it.

Today’s daily 5 looks over a handful of extra themes you can add to the art-rocking desktop display app…


Appows, created by ~neiio and ported over to CoverGloobus by the ace (seriously, she is ace) ~gabriela2400, are somewhat atypical of their peers: there’s no overt glossiness, faux glass or mental mish-mashing of competing icons and colour schemes, just refined, sober and clean looking controllers.

Download Appow themes

Elementary Tooltip

Elementary fans seeking a theme to flawlessly match the rest of their desktop will be pleased to see this theme by ~bigrza. The skin is an elementary-esque version of the ‘tooltip’ theme CoverGloobus ships with, complete with trademark elementary monochromatic icons and soft gradients. 

Download Elementary theme

Plastic Beach

We’ve featured the plastic beach set of CG themes before but they’re so awesome they deserve another highlight. With 4 different variations you’re sure to find the one you like.

take a peek


Minimal more your bag? Bitmap is just such a  theme, able to stay tucked away in a corner and out of your way until you need it.

Download Bitmap theme


A notifyOSD-styled theme is far from a non-plus. The theme sports some hidden control icons that only appear on mouse-over and would look the part on any Ubuntu desktop.

Download NotifyOSD theme

How to install CoverGloobus themes

Installing extra CoverGloobus themes is a shoe-in; all you need are some fingers, 30 seconds and a theme ready and extracted and just waiting to be installed…

  1. Hit ‘Alt’ and ‘F2’ together
  2. type ‘gksu nautilus /usr/share/covergloobus/themes’ in the ‘run’ entry field
  3. Drag n’ drop the two Appows’ folders into this window
  4. Make sure to install any included fonts prior to launching
  5. Select the themes from the CoverGloobus Configure > Themes menu.
Want to install CoverGloobus? See here for that.
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