To counterbalance the increasing amount of bright and shiny-buttoned Metacity’s of late I present you with some sober minimal Metacity themes to install and enjoy.


White, bright & fast Case is a very minimal Metacity that doesn’t aim to impress with hover-over effects or glow-y buttons just keep out of your way.

Download @


If light n’ white is not your bag then this dark Metacity should please.

Download @

W.I.N.G Metacity

W.I.N.G is a port of the popular Emerald theme of the same name. As with Case above it’s both light, airy and with some unique window control icons adds a bit of identity whilst remaining modally minutest.

Download @

Zyonin Dark

We featured some old-skool OS theme in a previous daily 5 and this Metacity takes more than a leaf from their book with it’s classic-OS inspired Metacity controls.

Download @

Natural Metacity

Okay… so this one isn’t technically a real Metacity given it’s a mock-up but I had to include it. It’s a great example of how a non-showy minimal Metacity should be and deserve to be made reality.

Mock-Up by 0rax0 @

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