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Volley Brawl update adds new characters, stages, changeable difficulty

The venerable Tommy and Bart from Sigmoid have updated Volley Brawl this week with new 7 new characters, user modifiable stages, changeable difficulty and a host of bug fixes.

4 May 2011
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[Poll] If we switched to Livefyre for comments…

We know that our comments section and the OMG! community is extremely active, you guys love having your say and voicing an opinion and there has been some completely awesome discussions take place in the comments down there.

3 May 2011

Introducing the OMG! Ubuntu! Android app

The official OMG! Ubuntu! Android app is here! Now you can get the latest Ubuntu news, tips, interviews, how-tos and more from your favourite Ubuntu site wherever you are on your Android phone.

1 May 2011

Hey, where’d Ubuntu Gamer go?

In September last year we launched Ubuntu Gamer at - the intention was to create an entirely new site in a similar vein to OMG! Ubuntu!, but dedicated purely to gaming on Ubuntu. The site went well for a few months until earlier this year, when due to a variety of reasons, a lot of the authors couldn't find the time to write articles and the news was well, simply not there.

30 April 2011
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Follow Ubuntu 11.04 reactions in our information Hub (update: back on)

Come Ubuntu release day, there's so much stuff happening it's often hard to keep track. There are new articles popping up on OMG! Ubuntu! throughout the day, reactions on Twitter and Identica, chat in the #ubuntu-release-party IRC channel and constant refreshes of to see if the release is, in fact, released.

28 April 2011

Project Bossanova announces playable demo, pledge campaign, open source client

At Project Bossanova we've announced a playable demo, a pledge campaign, the open sourcing of the client and also that the final game will eventually be cross platform.

5 April 2011
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Volley Brawl released into Software Center for Maverick, Natty for $2.99 (Update: Now with more gameplay video!)

I'm happy to announce that Volley Brawl is finally available for everyone to try! It's just hit the Software Center for Maverick and Natty, right on time to meet the March 31st release date. All you have to do is open up the Software Center and navigate to the "For Purchase" section.

30 March 2011

Submit your ideas for Volley Brawl characters and be in to win one of 3 copies of the game!

On Thursday we're releasing Volley Brawl in the Ubuntu Software Center for $2.99 USD. We've got a few copies of the game to give away for free. It's really, really easy to enter - all you have to do is suggest a new character in the comments section.

29 March 2011

Volley Brawl – more details, price and yes (another) video!

It's about time we came clean with you all. Those videos, these mysterious characters appearing in the side bar every day for the last few days (currently, Pedobear is hanging out there, watching you), they've all been a bit random. So here's the truth. We're releasing a game. A cool game. A game only for Ubuntu, only for the Software Center. And it's cheap.

28 March 2011

Help improve OMG! Ubuntu! by filling out this short survey

We've been working hard over the past month or so trying to improve the OMG! Ubuntu! experience for you guys, our faithful readers. It's all about making the experience the best we can for you, so if you can spare 20 minutes or so, we'd really appreciate your help in filling out this survey.

23 March 2011

Volley Brawl Teaser 2 [SFW]

Ohso, the company behind OMG! Ubuntu! (owned by Joey and I), teamed up with indie game developers Sigmoid Development late last year. We're really excited to be releasing our first game in the Ubuntu Software Centre, Volley Brawl. More details will be revealed over the next 10 days, so stay tuned - but in the meantime, enjoy this video.

21 March 2011

Volley Brawl Teaser 1 [NSFW]

March 31st. Only on Ubuntu.

14 March 2011