I’m happy to announce that Volley Brawl is finally available for everyone to try!

It’s just hit the Software Center for Maverick and Natty, right on time to meet the March 31st release date (unless you live in the USA, where it’s still March 30th – but due to timezones and all that, we can’t please everyone!)

All you have to do is open up the Software Center and navigate to the “For Purchase” section. It’s priced at a comfortable $2.99.

Remember that by buying Volley Brawl, you’ll not only be getting a very fun game, but you’ll also be supporting OMG! Ubuntu! because we get a slice of every transaction. So please, if you love the site…

Volley Brawl in Natty

It’ll only knock you back the price of a pair of socks, and I believe that the Software Center sadly only accepts credit card payments (sorry, no PayPal!) at this point.

Volley Brawl is an awesome feature rich slime volley game designed to be fun and easy to learn for all ages, developed by Sigmoid and published by Ohso.

Sporting over 10 different characters, intelligent computer players, full local, LAN and online multiplayer and a variety of other gameplay features, it’s a bargain at $2.99.

Plus, we’ll be releasing content pack updates every month which will bring new user-designed characters from the OMG! Ubuntu! community, new levels, sound effects, achievements and more!

Competition results

On Tuesday we we ran a competition giving away three copies of Volley Brawl to the top 3 new brawler ideas. Here are the results, as voted by you in the comments.

  1. Linus Torvalds (submitted by Colin)
  2. Bender (submitted by AlexFive)
  3. Tux (submitted by One Geek To Another)

If you three winners could contact us via our contact form, that’d be great.

Those three characters, plus a few more, new levels and some other goodies will be landing in next month’s content update. Updates will always be free for those who have purchased the game of course!

And don’t forget you can “like” Volley Brawl on Facebook:

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