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Project Bossanova unveils new website, FAQ and poll

Project Bossanova yesterday unveiled a new website, along with more information about the project and a poll where users can vote on the genre of game they'd like to see the project focus on.

28 February 2011

Inside the OMG! Ubuntu! office

Over the last few days I've been posting a few photos of our new office, a space in the Centre for Innovation at Otago University in Dunedin, New Zealand thanks to The Distiller. The guys and gals on our Facebook page have enjoyed the photos, so I figured it'd be a good idea to post a few of them here for you guys to have a look too.

17 February 2011

Share your feedback and ideas for OMG! Ubuntu! via Get Satisfaction

Good news, everyone! As part of our increasingly important goal of including our readers in more and more of what we do, we've now set up a Get Satisfaction page for you to share your ideas, ask questions and report issues with OMG! Ubuntu! and other Ohso products. Make the jump for the juicy details.

17 February 2011

Announcing Project Bossanova

On behalf of Ohso, I'm proud to announce the launch of a new startup, Project Bossanova.

3 February 2011
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Ohso branding assets released

We've compiled all of the branding for our sites into one .zip file to make it easier for people to use our logos around the web.

30 September 2010
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Ubuntu Gamer goes live

I'm very pleased to announce that Ubuntu Gamer, the gaming website we've been working on for a while, is now live and ready for action! Focusing primarily on gaming on Ubuntu we will be presenting you with lots of fantastic content over the coming months.

28 September 2010
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Ohso Quicklaunch Chrome/ium web app

If you’re using a recent-ish version of Google Chrome or Chromium then you have support for ‘web apps’. These are, essentially, ‘pinned’ webpages sans toolbars, but can also be all sorts of custom applications that perform different functions. Thanks to the hard work of Nicolas Leperlier, we now have an Ohso Quick-Launcher type Chrome App!

21 September 2010
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Seif Speaks: Interviewing the OMG! Ubuntu! guys

This is a guest post by Seif Lotfy well known for his work on Zeitgeist, Sezen and the Elementary project. If you treat him nice, you might see more posts by him in the future.

3 August 2010