On Thursday we’re releasing Volley Brawl in the Ubuntu Software Center for $2.99 USD, and if you buy it, you’ll be supporting OMG! Ubuntu!

You may have noticed the strange half-circle creatures appear in our sidebar over the past few days, as well as make appearances in a few teaser videos. And if you’re a fan of OMG! Ubuntu!’s Facebook page, you’ll certainly be familiar with these “brawlers!”

We’ve got a few copies of the game to give away for free. It’s really, really easy to enter – all you have to do is suggest a new character in the comments section.

If you have some design skills, you’re more than welcome to upload an image of your idea, too.

The top 3 “most liked” ideas in the comments will win a free copy of the game each, and they’ll also be the first three new “brawlers” to land in Volley Brawl’s content update in April.

If you have an idea that wins, but haven’t created your own brawler, our resident artist Tommy Brunn (who has made all the ones in the game so far) will make up your idea for you.

For some inspiration, here are 6 “brawlers” out of the 11 currently in the game.

The writing staff had a bit of fun in a meeting the other day coming up with some ideas such as:

  • Rebecca Black
  • FFFUUUUUUUU!!! guy
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Butler
  • Cowboy
  • etc…

And, as promised, here are a few screenshots of the game in action:

So, go wild! Submit your original and hilarious ideas and vote other people’s ideas up (or don’t)!

No idea what Volley Brawl is? This article can help you.

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