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Download SoftMaker Office 2008 for free – and help charity at the same time

Want to blag a freebie that also helps others in the process?

13 December 2010
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LibreOffice RC 1 available to download

The first release candidate of fork LibreOffice has been made available for download.

5 December 2010
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Scrivener writing app – Install the beta in Ubuntu [.deb]

Until recently, unless you used a Mac, the popular writing application Scrivener was an app that passed most people by. In the last few months things have been changing on that front with the launch of a native Windows beta in October which has finally helped broaden the market for the tool. Better yet this version runs under Wine on Linux - after a bit of cajoling.

29 November 2010
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64bit language pack .deb for Lotus Symphony

64bit user missing extra languages in IBM Lotus Symphony office suite? Here's just the ticket.

26 November 2010
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‘Ease’ Presentation App Makes Impress Look Less Than Impressive

'Ease Presentation editor' for the Gnome desktop aims to make presentation creation easy whilst providing all the standard features you'll likely need to create slick, visually impressive presentations. Better yet it has a very neat, animated cluttter-based interface that makes OpenOffice.Org Impress look so Windows 95 in comparison!

6 November 2010
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IBM office suite Lotus Symphony 3 released (updated with .64bit .deb)

The latest version of IBM's based office suite 'Lotus Symphony' has been released. Lotus Symphony 3 boasts many new and enhanced features, benefits from the OpenOffice 3 codebase and introduces brand new tool sidebars.

24 October 2010
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LibreOffice – Google, Novell sponsored OpenOffice fork launched

The OpenOffice development community have today announced the launch of a new foundation - The Document Foundation - that will oversee, guide and develop a new fork of OpenOffice named 'LibreOffice'.

28 September 2010
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Marave – Distraction free writing in Linux

The never-ceasing distractions of tweets, pokes on Facebook, Gmail spam  & matches to review are all enemies of writing. Was there ever an activity assailed by the vampires of impetuosity as much as writing? Marave aims to […]

4 August 2010
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Artha Offline Dictionary/Thesaurus makes defining words easy

Sometimes we all come across a word that leaves us biting our lips, creasing our brows and looking all out perplexed. Desktop application ‘Artha’ makes copy n’ paste n’ searching for a definition a thing of the past; just highlight the word, press a key combo and a Ubuntu Notification bubble pops up with the definition.

5 July 2010
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Daily 5: 5 word processors

Everyone needs to use a word processor every now and then (how 80’s does the word ‘word processor’ sound? Hmm.) There are various ones to choose from – and not a fat deal of difference […]

13 June 2010
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Microsoft Office web apps now available in the UK

Microsoft have finally launched their free online Office Suite (termed ‘office web app’) to UK users as part of SkyDrive – Microsoft’s cloud storage platform. We’ve all been sent at least one document file created in […]

8 June 2010
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PyRoom provides distraction free writing in Linux

If you’re anything like me then there are times when concentrating on writing seems like an impossibility; facebook pokes, youtube crawls, aimless stumbleupon-ing all get in the way of aiming my focus solely on the task in […]

1 June 2010