A veritable surfeit of office suites have seen updates this past month, including WPS Office, SoftMaker Office 2018 and FreeOffice. Clearly not wanting to be left out, OnlyOffice has issued a new update too.

OnlyOffice – which is supposed to be styled ONLYOFFICE, but I find that a bit too shouty – is a free, open-source office suite for Windows, macOS and (of course) Linux.

Weirdly, for a suite with a fair bit of momentum gusto behind it, it’s not an app I’d heard of until now.

OnlyOffice 5.3 Released

OnlyOffice Text Editing App

OnlyOffice Desktop Editors are fully compatible with Office Open XML formats

The ‘OnlyOffice Desktop Editors’ is a set of three productivity apps moulded in the guise of their Microsoft Office analogs: Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

This mimicking is not inherently a bad thing; looking like the most popular office apps in the world means those who are used to them (i.e. many) can switch to a free alternative with less friction, and less re-learning.

The apps “[allow you] to create, view and edit documents stored on your Windows/Linux PC or Mac without an internet connection”, says the official website, adding that the suite is “fully compatible with Office Open XML formats: .docx, .xlsx, .pptx”.

If the line about editing documents ‘without an internet connection’ sticks out it’s because is is; OnlyOffice is also available as a deployable set of online office apps for enterprise, cloud and business users.

The online versions even work with NextCloud.

Offering both an online version (‘OnlyOffice Editors’) and a desktop version (‘OnlyOffice Desktop Editors’) means the distinction between the two is often blurred.

To be clear, this post is about an update to the version of OnlyOffice for the desktop.

New features in OnlyOffice 5.3

OnlyOffice Desktop Editors 5.3 brings a raft of recent improvements in the online editors to the desktop equivalents.

Features including:

  • Edit pictures (flip, rotate, etc) without plugins
  • Connect the desktop apps to cloud (OwnCloud, NextCloud, etc)
  • Save documents as
    • MS Office Open XML templates (DOTX, XLTX, and POTX),
    • OpenDocument templates (OTT, OTS, and OTP)
    • ISO-standardized PDF
  • Support for audio and video files in presentations
  • “Send” plugin to send documents via default mail client
  • Support for Chinese language
  • Toolbar button placement tweaks

A full list of features and fixes is available on GitHub.

Download OnlyOffice for Linux

OnlyOffice Desktop Editors is free, open source software, with packages available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Linux users have a choice of package formats in both 32-bit and 64-bit including native installers and an AppImage:

Download OnlyOffice Desktop Editors Download OnlyOffice Desktop Editors (Appimage)

Do you use OnlyOffice? I’d love to hear what you think
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