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Final Update to LibreOffice 3.6 Series Now Available for Download

A new release of open-source office suite LibreOffice is now available to download, bringing with it bug fixes and stability improvements.

18 July 2013
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Kingsoft Office Launch English-Language Website

Microsoft Office clone 'Kingsoft Office' has launched an English-language website in a bid to help expand testing of its Linux builds.

4 July 2013
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Microsoft Office Clone Updates Interface, Improves File Support

Microsoft Office clone Kingsoft Office WPS for Linux has been updated with an improved theme and improved file support.

20 May 2013

WPS Office – A Faithful Microsoft Office Clone for Linux

When is Microsoft Office not Microsoft Office? When it's actually a faithfully-crafted imitation, of course!

26 March 2013

OpenOffice 3.4 Released

Although LibreOffice may have forked off from it and picked up developers and innovation by the bucket load, the faithful old brand, now under the direction of Apache Software Foundation, has seen its first release since January 2011. Apache OpenOffice 3.4 doesn't do anything drastic, but does iterate nicely upon that which was there before.

8 May 2012
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Calligra App Suite Goes Stable, Impresses

The Calligra suite of applications hit the 'stable' milestone today, marking the software's first release. The Qt-based application stack offer a wide range of apps; everything from a fully-featured word processor and spreadsheet app to a comprehensive digital drawing programme are included in Calligra.

12 April 2012
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Focus Writer Update Adds .Odt Support

Full-screen distraction free writing app 'Focus Writer' has been updated. The application, which sports custom-themes, configurable toolbars and a daily goal tracker amongst its various features, has now gained basic support for the opening and saving of .Odt files (the file format most commonly used by LibreOffice).

19 October 2011
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Scrivener for Linux gets official beta release

An official Linux beta release of popular writing application Scrivener is now available for users to try. What is Scrivener? Scrivener is popular word processing application designed for writers and, until recently, exclusive to Mac […]

2 March 2011
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Easily distracted? You need ‘Self Control’ for Ubuntu [App]

Procrastination besets us all, particularly when there is work to be done. Whether your vice is being glued to your e-mail inbox, YouTube or something worse - such as holding the crown for Frantic Facebook Refresher of the year' - there is a neat nuclear option available to obliterate your time-addictive internet loitering.

15 February 2011
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Lotus Symphony fix pack for 64bit Ubuntu users

IBM’ ‘fix-pack’ for Office Suite ‘Lotus Symphony’ was, as with most things Lotus Symphony flavoured,  32bit only. But 64bit Symphony users are also able to benefit from the bug-fix band-aid thanks to a re-packaged 64bit […]

2 February 2011
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LibreOffice 3.3 Released

The first stable release of the free office suite 'LibreOffice' is now available for download.

25 January 2011
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LibreOffice Release Candidate 1 available

The first release candidate of office-suite LibreOffice is now available to download.

14 December 2010