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Remember The Milk Now Has an Official Linux App

Remember The Milk, a popular web-based to-do and task management service, has introduced an official desktop Linux app to its herd of official clients.

18 September 2016
simplenote on linux

Simplenote Finally Has an Official Linux App

Simplenote, one of the most popular note-taking apps for iOS and Android, is finally available to install on Linux desktops

31 March 2016

Try This Mac-Inspired ‘Notes’ Clone For Linux

Notes is a free and open-source note taking app for Windows, Mac and Linux with a clean appearance inspired by the default Mac OS X Notes app.

7 March 2016
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‘FromScratch’ Is A Smart New Note Taking App for Ubuntu

In need of a simple, but smart note-taking app? This simple, open-source scratchpad should be at the top of your list.

11 February 2016
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NvPY Is an Unofficial Simplenote App for Linux

If you're a Simplenote user looking for a way to keep on top of your to-dos in Linux, try nvPY — an open-source note-taking tool with first-class support for the service.

3 September 2014
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Linux Note-taking App ‘Springseed’ Refreshes UI

Springseed, the simple note-taking app for Linux that features full markdown support, gets a design overhaul in its latest stable release.

22 June 2014
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Ubuntu Notes App ‘Springseed’ Adds Categories, Improves Dropbox Sync

It describes itself as a 'simply awesome' note-taking app, but development on Springseed has been 'simply slow'. Today it has received its first update in over six months.

14 February 2014
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GNote – The Lightweight Tomboy Alternative

The writing is, seemingly, on the wall for note-taking application Tomboy with plans to be drop it from the default install of Ubuntu 12.04. The application will remain readily available in the Ubuntu Software Centre, where it will sit alongside competing note-taking applications. Amongst them is lightweight Tomboy 'GNote' - but is it really a match for the king of Linux note-taking apps?

24 November 2011